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Corporate Financial Wellness Program

Corporate Financial Wellness Program

“More and more employees, too, are demanding financial education services at the workplace, and companies are answering their call. Alice Whinnery, president of the LFE Institute in Springfield, Missouri, says, ‘recent stats from the Federal Reserve found that employees spend 28 hours per month on the job thinking about their finances, asking employers questions that many times they can’t answer, and researching ways to address their financial concerns throughout the year.”

“Indeed financial education is ‘so much more than planning for retirement or investing. The biggest challenge is not where to invest their assets, but how do they make it past the next payday and where can they find money to save and invest.”

 - By: Melanie Waddell, Investor Advisor, October 2008.  

We provide a customized curriculum specific to your organization’s needs: 

  • Organizing Your Financial Landscape
  • Protecting Your Financial World
  • Investing in a Changing World
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Estate Planning Basic Techniques – Wills & Trusts 

Financial Wellness in the workplace leads to:

  • Reduced stress for employees; decreased absenteeism
  • The ability of employees to focus on work
  • Improved employee productivity; increased bottom line
  • Retention of quality personnel; recruitment
  • Tangible savings from increased participation in employer sponsored retirement plans and account-based health plans